2022 One NY Moving Forward Virtual Challenge

January 1 - December 31, 2022 NY State, NY 13202 US


Q. What is One NY Moving Forward?
One NY Moving Forward is a virtual run/walk/hike/bike challenge, with distances from 300-2,222 miles on foot and 900-5,281 miles by cycle

Q. What does this benefit?
A. See the list of beneficiaries here

Q. What percentage of funds goes to charity?
A. 100% of all donations go to each respective charity.

Q. Can I combine running/walking miles with bike/wheel miles?
A. No, the One NY Moving Forward Challenge will allow you to log your activity by whether you submit miles that are on foot - running/walking- or on wheels -biking/wheelchair.  You are given the choice to register for run/walking divisions or biking. 

You may log different activities in the same day, and you will be listed on each leaderboard based on the activity you declared.  Running/walking miles are only shown on the Running/Walking Leaderboard for each distance.  Bike/Wheeled miles are only displayed on the Biking/Wheeling Leaderboard for each distance.  Running and biking miles are not allowed to be combined together to complete a distance. 

Event groups are:

Winter Challenge or Entire Year - Run/Hike/Walk 300 Miles    Bike-900 Miles

Half Year Challenge or Entire Year-  Run/Hike/Walk 700 Miles    Bike-2,100 Miles

Year Long Challenge 1- Run/Hike/Walk  2022k (1256 miles)  -  Bike-6066k (3,769 Miles)

Year Long Challenge 2- Run/Hike/Walk  2022 Miles   - Bike  8500k (5,281 Miles)


Q. When can I register?
Registration opens December 20, 2022 at 11 AM EST

Q. How do I get my SWAG?
A. Packet pick-up events may be held at Fleet Feet Syracuse (5800 Bridge St, East Syracuse, NY 13057) on several dates during 2022. Dates will be emailed to all participants when available.

Any packets not picked up in person will be shipped to participants.

Q. When does the One NY Moving Forward Challenge take place?
A. January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022. 

Q. How do I get on the leaderboard?
A. We will email you a link to the leaderboard and instructions to log-in prior to the challenge beginning.

Q. Can I use an indoor bike or treadmill?
A. Yes you can!

Q. When am I finished?
A. Miles will be timestamped when they are entered into the system. Finished miles can NOT be edited.

Q. How do I download my bib number to share on social media?
A. Click here: https://runsignup.com/Race/OneNYForward/Page/BibNumber

Q. Do I have to run every mile?
A. No! Many of our participants are walkers. Run, walk or crawl, just do those miles with the purpose of exercise and they count! 

Q. Can I bike or cycle?
A. Yes, there is a separate bike/cycle challenge registration, submission and leaderboard 

Q. What does One NY Moving Forward cost?
A. $29.99 - $89.99, plus processing fees if we are shipping within NORTH AMERICA

Q. Can I compete Internationally?
A. Yes! We just ask for a nominal $14.99 for additional shipping charges if outside North America

Q. Do we get any SWAG?
A. YES! Click here for your SWAG options

Q. Are there shipping charges?
A. Not in North America - shipping is included! International shipping is $14.99 extra.

Q. When will I receive my SWAG?
A. We plan on sending items out within 3 weeks of each challenge ending (March 2022, July 2022 & December 2022).

Q. Is Strava the official leaderboad?
A. No, Strava will be used to discuss the challenge, share photos and war stories. There will only be one official leaderboard!

Q. Do I need a GPS watch/tracker, or Strava? Will I need to show my watch or device for proof of running?
A: You can use one if you wish but we are on the honor system here. There are no additional awards given for going faster,  just finish!

Q. Do you have to be fast?
A: No! Any abilities are welcome for the One NY Moving Forward challenge.

Q. Can I edit my SWAG?
A. Yes,  if your desired size is still available! To edit your size, log into your runsignup account and click Profile, and then My Registered Races. Find the One NY Safe Virtual Challenge and click Manage Registration. Select the Quarter Zip Size Edit tab on the left-hand side of the screen, and update your size from the drop-down menu.

Q. What timezone are we using?
A.We will be utilizing the UTC-5 (New York - Eastern) timezone for consistent leaderboard reporting and updates. Let's keep this simple; if it's January 8th  where you are, you just report it as that on the leaderboard.

Q. If I have a non-profit, can we partner up?
A. Yes! 501C-3's are encouraged to reach out to onenychallenge@gmail.com. Note that all 501C'3 MUST complete direct deposit paperwork as we will no-longer be issuing paper checks.






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